Where to get all of the music sheets in Stray to complete the Meowlody achievement

Find all of them to earn an achievement.

Screengrab via BlueTwelve Studio

In Stray, there are several things you can collect in the game. One of those items is music sheets for Morusque, the robot by the elevator in the city.

There are eight music sheets to collect throughout the city, and you’ll have to find all of them to get the achievement called Meowlody. Once you give Morusque the last music sheet, you’ll get the achievement.

There’s no specific order you must give Morusque the sheets, and they are found in several different places around the city. You’ll need a keen eye for some of them, while others are easily found scattered throughout the city’s surfaces.

There is no map in the game to point out where these items might be, so players may have a hard time finding all of them with no guidance from the game itself. Here is every music sheet you need to find and give to Morusque, including a screenshot of the locations where you can find it.

All music sheets in Stray

Music sheet No. 1 – Inside Momo’s house

Screengrab via BlueTwelve Studio

This music sheet doesn’t take too much to find. Head inside Momo’s house and find a room with a bunch of junk. Hop onto one of the shelves to find the first music sheet

Music sheet No. 2 – On a table by Momo’s house

Screenshot via BlueTwelve Studio

Right outside Momo’s house, you’ll find this music sheet sitting on the table. You can’t miss it when you head up to his house for the first time. Check the screenshot to see the location; it might also help you find Momo’s house if you’ve been having trouble finding it.

Music sheet No. 3 – Elliot’s

Screengrab via BlueTwelve Studio

Eventually, you’ll have to go to Elliot’s place to get some help from him to further your story. Scratch at the door to get one of the robots to let you in. Inside his house is the next music sheet, and it should be pretty hard to miss since it’s on your way up to his room on the second floor.

Music sheet No. 4 – Barterman

Music sheet No. 4 is obtained from the Barterman for one energy drink can. You can find them by finding a working vending machine and interacting with it once you get close. They are fairly difficult to find around the city, but if you’re looking for an easy one, there is one right across from Morusque that will give you the one you need to collect the sheet.

Music sheet No. 5 Inside of the bar

Screengrab via BlueTwelve Studio

Although there’s no music sheet in the screenshot above, this is where you can find it. Go up the stairs on the left when you enter the bar, and you’ll find the music sheet sitting on top of the table with the booths.

Music sheet No. 6 – Inside Clementine’s house

Screengrab via BlueTwelve Studio

It won’t be obvious that you are inside Clementine’s house until you get to a certain point in the story because Clementine isn’t in the house. Whenever you come upon her house, there’s a sneaky music sheet hanging out right past the broken door on the right.

Music sheet No. 7 – Inside Doc’s house on the piano

Screengrab via BlueTwelve Studio

Unlike Clementine’s house, it will be obvious that you’re in Doc’s house if you know the description of it. Doc’s house is covered in bookshelves and books. There’s a little nook in the center of the house with a piano where you’ll find the music sheet you need.

Music sheet No. 8 – The safe by Morusque

Screengrab via BlueTwelve Studio

If you’re coming from the elevator, go past where Morusque is sitting and head over past him and to the safe. The safe is to the left of the dead end. The clues will point you towards the bar, where there is a painting you’ll need to pull down in order to find the code. Once you have it, head back to the safe and open it to find the last music sheet.