All Data Log Entry Locations in Lethal Company

Indulge yourself in Lovecraftian lore.
Sticky note left by the mysterious Sigurd in Lethal Company.
Screenshot by Dot Esports

Lethal Company‘s lore is rather limited, and most of it is available through Terminal entries. Supplying the Terminal is the player’s job, and while scanning enemies is easy, finding data logs can be a chore. Thankfully, we know all of the available data log locations in Lethal Company, so let’s get searching.

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How to find data logs in Lethal Company

Sigurd entries terminal screen from Lethal Company.
The terminal contains all found data logs. Screenshot by Dot Esports

There are 12 data logs in Lethal Company, all created by the mysterious Sigurd and scattered across the game’s many moons. Sigurd was apparently a former employee of the Company and embarked on several exploratory missions across the corporate space, documenting events as he went. The logs provide us with snippets of lore and backstory inspired by Lovecraftian horror tradition.

Data logs look like blue cassette tapes and will appear on your screen when scanning, though you must be pretty close to it. While some are relatively easy to find, others are hidden well and require some parkour. Remember that not all log locations have been found yet, and this article will be updated accordingly.

  • First Log – Aug 22
  • Smells here! – Aug 24
  • Swing of things – Aug 27
  • Golden planet – Aug ??
  • Shady – Aug 31
  • Sound behind the wall – Sep 4
  • Goodbye – Sep 7
  • Screams – Sep 13
  • Idea – Sep 19
  • Nonsense – Sep 27
  • Hiding – Sep 30
  • Desmond – Oct 15

All Sigurd log locations in Lethal Company

First Log – Aug 22 (Ship terminal)

Text of the first Sigurd log from Lethal Company.
An ominous first journal entry. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The first Sigurd log is unlocked by default, and you can access it by typing “Sigurd” into the Terminal command prompt.

Smells here! – Aug 24 (Assurance)

Aerial map of Assurance from Lethal Company.
Smells here is located on Assurance. Image via McMessenger

To acquire the “Smells here!” Sigurd log, go straight ahead when you leave your ship. Go left around the first cliff and head forward toward the rundown wooden scaffolding. Climb up and jump on the pipe, then walk left and climb down the rock, and you’ll find the tape at the foot of the cliff.

Swing of things – Aug 27 (Experimentation)

Aerial map of Experimentation from Lethal Company.
Experimentation has two Sigurd logs. Image via McMessenger

To find the “Swing of Things” Sigurd log, exit the ship on Experimentation and head right. Eventually, you will see a water tower. Climb the ladder, and you’ll find the tape sitting on the railing.

Shady – Aug 31 (Experimentation)

The Shady log is also located on Experimentation. Exit the ship and head towards the main entrance. Immediately to its left is a dark alley with a staircase leading up to the fire exit. Once up there, you can climb the railing and jump on the big pipe to the left. Walk across the pipe back towards the ship, and you’ll see the data log sitting just before the two water towers.

Sound behind the wall – Sep 4 (The Company Building)

Aerial view of the Company building moon, Gordion-71 from Lethal Company.
The Company lies on an ominous moon, Gordion-71. Image via McMessenger

The Company building’s moon has one Sigurd tape hidden beneath the landing platform. To reach it, go immediately left after landing and find a hatch behind the first pair of cargo boxes. Climb down and follow the railing until the end, where the tape lies waiting. There’s also a cool submarine Easter Egg that you can find by parkouring to the left of the tape.

Screams – Sep 13 (Vow and March)

Aerial view of the Vow map from Lethal Company.
The “Screams” tape can be found on both Vow and March. Image via McMessenger

On Vow, you’ll want to head right towards the main entrance. Once you reach the makeshift bridge, take a sharp left towards the dam where the fire exit is located. Walk on top of the dam and you’ll find the Sigurd log.

In March, head outside to the left and keep going until you reach a concrete cube containing a fire exit, on top of which the tape is located.

Nonsense – Sep 27 (Rend)

Aerial view of the Rend map from Lethal Company.
Rend is complicated, and so is finding its Sigurd log. Image via McMessenger

The “Nonsense” Sigurd data log is located in the very corner of the map. To find it, head straight and then to the left as you exit the ship. When you find the fire exit, turn around to find the light post. Then, climb up toward the light post, go right again, and follow the path. The Sigurd tape is hidden at its end. Consult the map above, made by McMessenger, to help you around the blinding blizzard.

Unknown Sigurd data logs in Lethal Company

Of the 12 data log entries, only seven are known and obtainable. While their contents have been datamined, their locations are nevertheless unknown. They are:

  • Golden planet – Aug ??
  • Goodbye – Sep 7
  • Idea – Sep 19
  • Hiding – Sep 30
  • Desmond – Oct 15

Once players discover these tapes (if ever), we will update the article with the relevant information. Until then, happy hunting, and don’t let the Eyeless Dogs bite.

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