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A player character looking toward the Hogwarts castle in Hogwarts Legacy.
Image via Avalanche Software

Hogwarts Legacy Finishing Touches Achievement: How to use ancient magic on every enemy

How to earn the Finishing Touches achievement, explained.

One of the trickier achievements in Hogwarts Legacy is Finishing Touches. For this challenge, you must use Ancient Magic on every type of enemy in the game.

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That’s a lot easier said than done, so here’s our guide for the best way to complete the Finishing Touches achievement.

How to use Ancient Magic on an enemy in Hogwarts Legacy

A player character using Wingardium Leviosa on an enemy in Hogwarts Legacy.
Ancient Magic is the way. Image via Avalanche Software

To unlock and use Ancient Magic in Hogwarts Legacy, you must first visit the town of Hogsmeade as part of the main storyline. Once you do, you will be given a quick tutorial on how to use this powerful magic.

Here’s how you activate Ancient Magic on each platform:

  • Xbox: LB+RB
  • PlayStation: L1+R1
  • Switch: L+R
  • PC: X

To generate Ancient Magic in combat, you’ve got to deal damage to enemies. After you’ve done enough damage, you’ll see the little blue bars in the bottom right of the screen start to fill up. When you’ve got a full bar, you can unleash a blast of Ancient Magic on your foes. If you want to increase how much Ancient Magic you can build up, you’ll have to find and complete Ancient Magic Hotspots scattered throughout the game’s open world.

All enemies in Hogwarts Legacy and where to find them

To complete the Finishing Touches achievement, you need to use Ancient Magic on 38 different types of enemies, which include the following:

  1. Acromantula
    • Location: North Ford Bog Battle Arena
  2. Armored Troll
    • Location: Feldcroft Battle Arena
  3. Ashwinder Assassin
    • Location: Bandit Camps
  4. Ashwinder Duelist
    • Location: Bandit Camps
  5. Ashwinder Executioner
    • Location: Bandit Camps
  6. Ashwinder Ranger
    • Location: Bandit Camps
  7. Ashwinder Scout
    • Location: Bandit Camps
  8. Ashwinder Soldier
    • Location: Bandit Camps
  9. Cottongrass Dugbog
    • Location: Dugbog Lairs
  10. Dark Mongrel
    • Location: Mongrel lairs or next to San Bakar’s Tower in the North Ford Bog region
  11. Fighter Troll
    • Location: Battle Arenas
  12. Forest Troll
    • Location: Bandit Camps and Troll Lairs
  13. Fortified Troll
    • Location: Bandit Camps and Troll Lairs
  14. Great Spined Dugbog
    • Location: Dugbog Lairs
  15. Inferius
    • Location: Can be found in Treasure Vaults, Catacombs, Dungeons, and Lairs
  16. Loyalist Assassin
    • Location: Goblin Mines
  17. Loyalist Commander
    • Location: Goblin Mines
  18. Loyalist Ranger
    • Location: Goblin Mines
  19. Loyalist Sentinel
    • Location: Goblin Mines
  20. Loyalist Warrior
    • Location: Goblin Mines
  21. Mongrel
    • Location: Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade Valley
  22. Mountain Troll
    • One can be found outside a vault located north-east of the Korrow Ruins
  23. Poacher Animagus and Wolf Form
    • Location: Bandit Camps- You must hit the Animagus in both forms.
  24. Poacher Duelist
    • Location: Bandit Camps
  25. Poacher Executioner
    • Location: Bandit Camps
  26. Poacher Ranger
    • Location: Bandit Camps
  27. Poacher Stalker
    • Location: Bandit Camps
  28. Poacher Tracker
    • Location: Bandit Camps
  29. River Troll
    • Location: Bandit Camps and Troll Lairs
  30. Stoneback Dugbog
    • Location: Dugbog Lairs
  31. Thornback Ambusher
    • Location: Spider Lairs
  32. Thornback Matriarch
    • Location: Spider Lairs
  33. Thornback Scurriour
    • Location: Spider Lairs
  34. Thornback Shooter
    • Location: Spider Lairs
  35. Venomous Ambusher
    • Location: Feldcroft Battle Arena
  36. Venomous Matriarch
    • Location: Spider Lairs
  37. Venomous Scurriour
    • Location: Spider Lairs
  38. Venomous Shooter
    • Location: Spider Lairs

Despite the name of the achievement, you won’t actually have to eliminate enemies with Ancient Magic in order for it to count towards the achievement. Simply damaging a particular baddie with Ancient Magic will be enough for it to cross that baddie off your list!

If you want the ​​Hogwarts Legacy Finishing Touches Achievement, these are the 38 enemies you need to hit with Ancient Magic and where to find them.

Enemy types in Hogwarts Legacy

The types of enemies you’ll encounter when completing the Finishing Touches achievement include:

  • Ashwinders
  • Poachers
  • Loyalists
  • Trolls
  • Dugbogs
  • Spiders
  • Mongrels

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