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Kafka looking to the right and smiling while holding her sword pointed toward the ground.
Image via miHoYo

Best teams for Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail

She fits well within most team lineups.

The five-star Lightning Nihility character Kafka has been one of Honkai: Star Rail’s most highly anticipated playable recruits since players first got to test her out in the prologue. Kafka is an immensely powerful unit but will only perform to her truest potential when she’s part of the best team possible, so whether you’re adding her to your roster or already have her you’ll want to construct a team for her carefully.

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The best Kafka team in Honkai: Star Rail

To craft the best team possible for Kafka, you’ll want to follow the same general structure that makes any Honkai: Star Rail team great. This structure includes a balance between damage dealers and support units which is absolutely crucial to success in the tougher battles you’ll encounter while playing.

  • Your first team member should be a DPS unit. Even though Kafka is a Nihility character, she packs a powerful punch and functions really well as a primary damage dealer so you can choose to use her in this role.
  • The second member of the team should be a secondary damage dealer who excels at dishing out damage in a different way than the main damage dealer. This role can be fulfilled by Kafka or another character whose skillset aligns with this role.
  • The third team member should be a support unit. There are quite a few options you can choose from for this role, but I’ve found that debuffing units and healers complement Kafka’s abilities best.
  • You should always fill the final team slot based on what complements the rest of the lineup best and what your team is lacking. Generally, you’ll probably want another support unit here, but since Kafka is so adept at dishing out damage and providing support, you might want another damage dealer instead depending on which characters you choose for the other two roles.
Kafka smiling and raising her hand while pointing her finger slightly.
Kafka is known for being extremely elegant, calm, and cunning. Image via miHoYo

As powerful as the Nihility character is, most of Kafka’s abilities focus on dealing damage over time which means she is a character who requires patience. Because of this, you might want some kind of damage dealer who can apply damage right away as either the DPS or secondary damage dealer to provide a solid balance between damage over time and upfront, immediate damage. However, you can also go all in on Nihility characters to maximize the draining effects you can apply on enemies.

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Many Honkai: Star Rail recruits will only perform well under certain conditions and in specific team lineups, but Kafka is super versatile and will function powerfully in just about any team you place her on.

Best Kafka team compositions in Honkai: Star Rail

The strongest teammates to place alongside Kafka to construct the best team composition possible are as follows.

  • Himeko
    • Rarity: Five-star
    • Element: Fire
    • Path: The Erudition
  • Silver Wolf
    • Rarity: Five-star
    • Element: Quantum
    • Path: The Nihility
  • Bailu
    • Rarity: Five-star
    • Element: Lightning
    • Path: The Abundance
  • Luocha
    • Rarity: Five-star
    • Element: Imaginary
    • Path: The Abundance
  • Gepard
    • Rarity: Five-star
    • Element: Ice
    • Path: The Preservation
  • Sampo
    • Rarity: Four-star
    • Element: Wind
    • Path: The Nihility
  • Luka
    • Rarity: Four-star
    • Element: Physical
    • Path: The Nihility
Kafka pointing a gun to the right and shooting.
Keep in mind that the playable version of Kafka won’t be as OP as the boss version of her. Image via miHoYo

1) Kafka, Himeko, Silver Wolf, and Gepard

This team lineup is quite a costly one since it features two exclusive five-star units, but these characters function together extremely well. Kafka is the main damage dealer in this team with Himeko acting as a secondary damage dealer backing her up with her more AoE-based abilities.

Silver Wolf is a Nihility character like Kafka, but her abilities are much more focused on applying debuffs than damage dealing which makes her an excellent ally for Kafka. The last member of this team is Gepard, one of the best five-star units you can obtain for free upon reaching 300 pulls.

Kafka and Silver Wolf will work together to make foes weaker, Kafka and Kimeko will then dish out brutal damage against all enemies as they consistently suffer from debuffs, and Gepard will keep the team healthy and safe with his immensely powerful shielding abilities.

The synergy with this team is quite strong overall making it one of the best team compositions you can construct for Kafka.

2) Kafka, Silver Wolf, Bailu, and Luka

This team lineup is about Nihility, except for Bailu. Kafka is the DPS while Silver Wolf runs as her secondary damage dealer who also provides string support through her brutal debuffs.

Luka can increase the amount of damage foes take while also inflicting the strong bleed status. Like Kafka and Silver Wolf, he also works in his own unique way to drain foes and render them weaker targets that are then easier to take out.

The final member of this lineup is Bailu, a powerful healer and support unit that will keep her allies healthy through any battle they tackle. Bailu ensures her teammates can consistently deal damage and apply their status effects without ever needing to worry about their own health.

3) Kafka, Luocha, Sampo, and Luka

This team is essentially another version of the previous one where Nihility is in the spotlight alongside a healer to ensure the team stays healthy. Kafka is once again the main DPS with Nihility recruits Sampo and Luka acting as supporting damage dealers and debuffers.

Luocha is Honkai: Star Rail’s strongest healer and is an excellent ally for this team of Nihility characters. Like Bailu, so too will Luocha work as a dedicated support unit keeping his allies alive while they focus on dishing out damage.

Kafka thinking and smiling slightly while looking to the right and her Nihility powers manifesting as lasers around her.
Two of Kafka’s closest allies are Blade and Silver Wolf. Image via miHoYo

The debut run of Kafka’s “Nessun Dorma” banner will run from Aug. 9 to 29 throughout phase two of the Version 1.2 update. Once her banner closes and Version 1.3 begins, you can expect Kafka to become unobtainable for a minimum of six months but perhaps much longer since Honkai: Star Rail is still a fairly fresh release and there are many new five-star units that will be arriving for the foreseeable future.

As new recruits arrive, it’s also likely that Kafka’s best teams may change or be expanded. If these changes do occur, all updates will be added or reflected here.

We gathered this information by playing Honkai Star Rail Version 1.2 “Even Immortality Ends” on PC.

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