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Argenti swinging his spear while standing under golden light.
Image via miHoYo

Best Argenti builds and skills in Honkai: Star Rail

He's all about damage dealing.

Argenti is a classic and elegant knight who specializes in damage dealing to help you secure victory in Honkai: Star Rail. He’s a solid recruit, but you can help Argenti become even better by ensuring he has a strong build and understanding how his skills work.

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The formal character is dedicated to the Knights of Beauty and pursues this path above all else. Despite this, Argenti is actually an Erudition unit with Physical damage-based skills, so here is how all of his skills function, what materials you’ll need to build him, and how you can grant the knight the best build possible.

Argenti skills in Honkai: Star Rail

Argenti is a bit of a special recruit who possesses six skills rather than the usual five most other Honkai: Star Rail characters have. His additional skill is especially unique since it’s an alternate version of his Ultimate move.

  • Fleeting Fragrance” basic attack: Deals Physical damage equal to 50 to 130 percent of his attack against the targeted foe.
  • “Justice, Hereby Blooms” skill: Deals Physical damage equal to 60 to 150 percent of Argenti’s attack against all enemies.
  • “For In This Garden, Supreme Beauty Bestows” Ultimate: Uses 90 energy to deal 96 to 192 percent of his attack as Physical damage against all opponents.
  • “Merit Bestowed in my Garden” alternate Ultimate: Uses 180 energy to deal 168 to 336 percent of Argenti’s attack as Physical damage against all opponents. This will then deliver further damage six separate times with each strike dealing 57 to 114 percent of his attack against a random enemy.
  • “Sublime Object” talent: For each opponent Argenti hits with his basic attack, skill, or Ultimate, three energy is granted to him and one stack of Apotheosis is received. A stack of Apotheosis boosts Argenti’s critical rate by one to 3.25 percent and up to 10 stacks can be accumulated.
  • “Manifesto of Purest Virtue” technique: All opponents within the radius of this ability become dazed for 10 seconds. The dazed state prevents enemies from attacking your team. If you attack a dazed opponent to enter battle, Argenti will then immediately deal Physical damage equal to 80 percent of his attack against all enemies, and he also receives 15 energy.
Argenti posing for his splash art.
Roses are a big symbol in his skillset. Image via miHoYo

Argenti Ascension materials in Honkai: Star Rail

Argenti won’t reach his true potential until you fully build him which includes raising his character level to 80. To do this, you’ll need to gather all of the following Ascension materials.

  • 308,000 Credits
  • 15 Extinguished Core
  • 15 Glimmering Core
  • 15 Squirming Core
  • 65 Netherworld Token

Argenti Trace materials in Honkai: Star Rail

The elegant knight also needs all of his unique Traces raised in his Trace tree so his specific skills and statistics become more powerful. For all of Argenti’s Traces, you’ll need the following Trace materials.

  • 3,000,000 Credits
  • 18 Key of Inspiration
  • 69 Key of Knowledge
  • 139 Key of Wisdom
  • 41 Extinguished Core
  • 56 Glimmering Core
  • 58 Squirming Core
  • Eight Tracks of Destiny
  • 12 Regret of Infinite Ochema

Argenti’s best build in Honkai: Star Rail

Since he is part of the Erudition path, Argenti is specifically suited for a DPS-focused role, so the best build for him is one focused on amplifying his overall damage output.

Best Light Cones for Argenti in Honkai: Star Rail

Argenti will function best when you primarily focus on boosting his Ultimate, critical rate, attack, and critical damage through the Light Cone you choose for him. Any Light Cones that will boost his DPS potential are good, but the overall top choices are as follows.

  • An Instant Before A Gaze
    • Rarity: Five-star
    • “A Knight’s Pilgrimage” ability: Boosts the equipping character’s critical damage by 36 percent. When the wearer uses their Ultimate move, their Ultimate damage is then raised based on their maximum energy. Each point of their energy boosts their Ultimate damage by 0.36 percent for up to a maximum of 180 Energy.
  • Night on the Milky Way
    • Rarity: Five-star
    • “Meteor Swarm” ability: For each foe present on the battlefield, the equipping character’s attack is boosted by nine percent for up to five stacks. When an enemy is affected by weakness break, the damage dealt by the wearer is then increased by 30 percent for the next turn.
  • The Seriousness of Breakfast
    • Rarity: Four-star
    • “Get Ready” ability: Boosts the wearer’s damage by 12 percent. For every enemy eliminated, the equipping character’s attack is raised by four percent for up to three stacks.
Argenti standing under a spotlight and facing away from the camera.
He’s entirely dedicated to damage dealing. Image via miHoYo

Best Relics for Argenti in Honkai: Star Rail

Your Relic options for Argenti are fairly limited but the general best choice for him is the full four-piece Champion of Streetwise Boxing set. If you don’t like the benefits this full Relic set provides, you might consider a two-piece Champion of Streetwise Boxing set with a two-piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat set instead.

  • Champion of Streetwise Boxing
    • Rarity: Two-star, three-star, four-star, or five-star.
    • Two-piece effect: Boosts Physical damage by 10 percent.
    • Four-piece effect: After the equipping character is hit by an enemy, their attack is raised by five percent for the rest of the battle. This effect can accumulate up to five stacks.
  • Musketeer of Wild Wheat
    • Rarity: Two-star, three-star, four-star, or five-star
    • Two-piece effect: Boosts attack by 12 percent.
    • Four-piece effect: The equipping character’s speed is increased by six percent and their basic attack damage is boosted by 10 percent.

For his two-piece Planar Ornament set, Firmament Frontline: Glamoth is your best bet.

  • Firmament Frontline: Glamoth
    • Rarity: Two-star, three-star, four-star, or five-star
    • Two-piece effect: Boosts the equipping character’s attack by 12 percent. When the wearer’s speed reaches 135/160, they deal 12 percent/18 percent more damage.

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