Wing Commander Ichman revealed for Hearthstone’s Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion

Hunter fans, rejoice.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone’s next expansion, Fractured in Alterac Valley, was introduced by Blizzard yesterday. That means it’s one of the most exciting times to be a Hearthstone fan because card reveal season is in full swing.

The latest card unveiled from Fractured in Alterac Valley is a Legendary minion that belongs to the Hunter class. Wing Commander Ichman is a nine-cost 5/4 minion with a powerful Battlecry. After entering the battlefield, Wing Commander Ichman allows you to summon a Beast from your deck and then give it Rush. If the summoned Rush minion kills a minion the turn Ichman is summoned, you get to repeat the effect.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Depending on how this card actually works, you could theoretically repeat the effect enough times to bring out a host of Beasts to clear your opponent’s board. If the effect is only repeatable one time, however, then you still have the option of getting two beefy Beasts out alongside Ichman.

During the most recent Hearthstone meta, most of the powerful Hunter decks have been fast and aggressive. With Ichman’s high mana cost, he’d more likely be a part of a slower-paced Hunter deck we might see in the future.

One complaint from the community in regard to United in Stormwind was the feeling that there weren’t enough viable control decks. Perhaps Ichman and some of the other high-cost minions we’ve seen from Fractured in Alterac Valley are a sign that the devs are looking to change that.

You can check out all of the new cards in Fractured in Alterac Valley when they go live on Dec. 7.