Wild Bloodstinger joins the Hunter class in Hearthstone’s new expansion, Saviors of Uldum

Just looking at this card will make you fear the desert.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you don’t like scorpions, then you’ll probably want to avoid the Hunter class during Saviors of Uldum.

Wild Bloodstinger is the lastest creepy-crawly to join the Hunter pack.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Wild Bloodstinger is a six-cost 6/9 Battlecry minion. The Bloodstinger’s Battlecry will summon a minion from your opponent’s hand and then attack it. Bloodstinger was revealed alongside a Hunter card called Scarlet Webweaver. The Webweaver’s Battlecry reduces the cost of a random Beast in your hand by five mana.

Having Scarlet Webweaver and Wild Bloodstinger both in your hand during the late game can provide one heck of a swing in tempo. If you have seven mana, you could play Scarlet Webweaver for six mana and if its Battlecry triggers on Bloodstinger, then drop the Bloodstinger for one mana. Although this combo requires a bit of luck to pull off, if executed correctly, it could be devastating.

Wild Bloodstinger alone has arguably one of the strongest Battlecries we’ve seen from the expansion thus far. Bloodstinger will be particularly good during the late game if you think your opponent is holding on to a specific minion to use for a combo. Bloodstinger can potentially render a key minion in your opponent’s combo useless and all it needs to do so is get a little bit of luck.

You can check out all of the new toys coming with Saviors of Uldum when the expansion goes live on Aug. 6.