Vilefiend Trainer, Blood Herald revealed for Hearthstone’s Scholomance Academy expansion

Two new minions are joining the Demon Hunter ranks.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone’s card reveal season is coming to an end. Blizzard Entertainment revealed two new cards joining the Demon Hunter class today in Scholomance Academys final card reveal stream leading up to the expansion’s release on Aug. 6.

Vilefiend Trainer is a four-cost 5/4 Demon Hunter minion with an Outcast effect that summons two 1/1 demons. Blood Herald is a Demon Hunter and Hunter dual-class minion. Whenever a friendly minion dies while the card is in the user’s hand, Blood Herald gains an extra point of Attack and Health.

Both cards will work well in decks that use low-cost minions. An early Blood Herald draw can stack boosts until later stages of the game, where it can be played as a powerful force. Without stacking, however, Blood Herald is relatively expensive for its weak stats. For four mana, Vilefiend Trainer is a decently strong card that grants its user extra fodder as an additional bonus.

Scholomance Academy goes live on Aug. 6, introducing 135 new cards to the game. Of these new additions, 40 will feature dual-class typings. The expansion will also introduce a new keyword, Spellburst, which is an ability that triggers when the player casts a spell from their hand, and a new type of spells called Studies that allow players to Discover a card.

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Fans of the card game can pre-purchase the expansion now from Blizzard’s online store in one of two different bundles.