The best Paladin decks in Hearthstone

Put your faith in the light.

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As the Lich King marches upon the world of Hearthstone, the Paladins of Azeroth stand ready to oppose him, just as they did many years ago.

Paladin is one of the most iconic classes in World of Warcraft and Hearthstone history. Drawing upon the righteous power of holy light, Paladins are Warriors turned templars, turning from rage to use their strength in the name of the light.

Hearthstone features some of the most iconic Paladin characters in Azeroth’s history, including the Lich King himself, Arthas. Though the poster child of the latest expansion is indeed a Death Knight, the Lich King was originally one of the strongest Paladins in the history of Azeroth. Unfortunately, Arthas fell victim to the helm of domination, and then finally the player characters.

No king rules forever, but Arthas returned to his throne via Hearthstone when March of the Lich King went live on Dec. 6. Alongside Arthas debuted a slew of new cards, as well as the Death Knight class. Amongst those new cards is a plethora of Paladin toys to play with like the Legendary minion Anachronos, a Dragon that sends other minions into the future.

Now that the new expansion has dropped, the list you see below provides a base for some of the best archetypes the class has going. In the event you decide to craft any of these decks, do so with caution. March of the Lich King is still relatively young, so win rates will fluctuate, and balance changes are likely.

Here are the best Paladin decks in Hearthstone right now.

Pure Paladin

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If you want to experience the Hearthstone equivalent of playing a Retribution Paladin from World of Warcraft, Pure Paladin is the deck for you. Your deck is filled with powerful Paladin minions, many of which have some sort of symbiotic ability that either benefits other minions or enhances your spell cards. Some might describe Pure Paladin as a mid-range beat-em-up style deck, but others would argue Pure Paladin is difficult to put into a box.

If you really enjoy Powerful Paladin minions like Cariel Roam and Kotri Lightblade, as well as the ability to buff any army of Paladin warriors, consider investing in Pure Paladin. You can craft the deck from scratch for a little over 7000 dust. At the time of writing it has a 60 percent win rate on Hsreplay.

Copy this code to use this deck in Hearthstone: AAECAZ8FBJHsA4biBKHiBLuXBQ3M6wPn7APw9gPJoAT5pATQrATi0wS/4gTA4gTM4gTy7QSBlgWDlgUA

Silver Hand Paladin

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Any veteran Paladin player is familiar with its Hero Power, the ability to pay two mana in exchange for a 1/1 Silver Hand Recruit. Silver Hand Paladin is exactly what it sounds like: A deck that revolves around your Silver Hand Recruits. Thanks to cards in your deck you won’t only be relying on your Hero Power in order to build your Silver Hand Recruit army.

Your core strategy here is to summon a plethora of buffed-up Silver Hand recruits to overrun your opponent. If that sounds like something you’re into or if you just want a cheap way to snag some wins on Paladin, give this deck a go. At the time of writing this deck also has a 60 percent win rate on Hsreplay. You can craft it right now for a little over 5000 dust.

Copy this code to use this deck in Hearthstone: AAECAZ8FAobiBISWBQ7w9gPHoATJoATKoAT5pATnuATi0wTa2QS/4gTA4gTM4gTy7QSBlgWDlgUA

Mech Paladin

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If you’re a Paladin veteran, then you’ve likely seen various iterations of Mech Paladin come and go as the years have passed. The current version of Mech Paladin hovers around a 58 percent win rate on HSReplay and isn’t wildly unaffordable from a dust standpoint. If you have none of the cards, Mech Paladin will cost you 6,600 dust. If you enjoyed the Mech Paladin decks of old, this one is definitely worth your time.

New Mech Paladin makes use of The Leviathan, a Legendary Mech minion with Colossal, as well as Rush, Divine Shield, and Dredge. It doesn’t get much better than a giant mechanical sea snake with so many keywords they barely fit on the card. If you dig Mech Pally and have most of the cards, give this one a try.

Copy this code to use this deck in Hearthstone: AAECAZ8FAuCLBLCyBA7w9gOq+APJoATWoAT5pASStQThtQTeuQTjuQTUvQSywQTa0wTa2QSUpAUA


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