Seance is the newest Priest spell coming in Rastakhan’s Rumble

It only costs two mana.

Screengrab via Hearthstone

A brand-new spell has been revealed from Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, Rastakhan’s Rumble

Seance is a two-mana Priest spell that allows you to pick a minion and add a copy of it to your hand.

Priest players are no strangers to copying cards, so Seance should be able to fit in with most decks in this archetype—that is, as long as Hearthstone players find that Seance is a viable card in the upcoming expansion’s meta.

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There are two different pre-purchase bundles for Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, Rastakhan’s Rumble: One for $20 and another for $50. These options will only be available until the expansion is released on Dec. 4.