Murmy is the latest Reborn card revealed for Hearthstone’s Savior of Uldum expansion

Are you a fan of Murlocs?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The newest card revealed from Hearthstone’s Savior of Uldum expansion might look like a measly Murloc with very little to show for himself, but he has tons of potential.

Murmy is a one-cost Neutral Murloc with Reborn. He doesn’t pack much of a punch, but his synergies are incredibly impactful. The fact that he’s a Neutral card means he has flexibility within multiple classes, allowing Murloc and Reborn decks to flourish.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Reborn is a new keyword added to the Saviors of Uldum expansion that causes a minion to be resummoned with one Health upon death. There have been very few Reborn cards revealed so far, but many more are expected to come soon.

Murmy should work particularly well alongside the new Paladin Legendary Quest, Making Mummies. To make the most of the Quest, the Paladin player needs to summon five Reborn minions to change their Hero Power to summon a 2/2 copy of a friendly minion. In the case of Murmy, he’s a solid early-game unit that fits well with Murloc cards, as well as low-cost Paladin minions and spells.

Expect to see many more Reborn cards soon. Hearthstone’s upcoming Saviors of Uldum expansion is set to be released on Aug. 6.