Log in to Hearthstone today to get the legendary demon Sathrovarr for free

BlizzCon virtual ticket holders will receive a golden version.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone fans can pick up a free card by logging into the game today.

Every year, Blizzard treats its BlizzCon ticket holders with commemorative loot. It isn’t limited to virtual ticket holders in this case, though.

Ticket holders and non-ticket holders alike will receive some digital loot in Hearthstone today simply by logging in. Players who log in today will earn a free Sathrovarr card, which is part of the upcoming expansion, Descent of Dragons. Virtual ticket holders will receive a different version thanks to their purchase, but everyone will receive a card.

Ticket holders will get a golden version of Sathrovarr. Non-ticket holders will receive a normal card, without the gold.

The demon Sathrovarr is a neutral legendary, nine-mana card. It’s part of the Descent of Dragons expansion, which is scheduled to release in early December. There will be five Galakrond Hero cards and “a plethora of Legendary Dragons” in the set, according to Hearthstone’s pre-purchase page.

Galakrond will have a Hero card for each of the E.V.I.L classes. As you play Invoke cards, Galakrond will increase in strength and can be transformed during the match.

The expansion is available for pre-purchase until Dec. 10. Forty-five other cards from the expansion are set to be revealed over the next few weeks.