Hearthstone’s troubled ladder revamp gets another fix

The legend ranks were not performing as intended.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone‘s ladder might finally be working as intended after a difficult start to the March ranked play season.

March is the first month of the new ladder system. By reducing the number of ranks dropped from the top levels at the start of each month and making some other minor changes, Blizzard hoped it would address the concerns of particularly the professional player base.

The new system didn’t work as intended. After massive problems when the season reset, Blizzard had to take ladder offline for 36 hours to restore it to what they thought was a working state.

Within a day or so though, top legend players were still reporting issues. Though players disagreed on the nature and severity of the problems, it was generally acknowledged that the legend ladder experience had been negatively affected.

Though some of the complaints were initially met with some skepticism from designer Dean Ayala, Blizzard did acknowledge a problem with Legend rank late last night. An update this morning reported that a fix had been deployed.

“We recently identified an issue where some Legend ranked players were being matched with players of a lower ranking than intended.” Community manager Jesse Hill said in a post on the game’s official form. “A hotfix has gone out to remedy this issue. Legend ranked players should now experience intended matchmaking in Ranked Play. Thank you for your patience.”

Now that the system is seemingly working as intended, get out there and start climbing.