20 November 2017 - 19:25

Paladin is getting a new Recruit buff in Hearthstone's next expansion

It's one of the cards from the next expansion.
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Quartermaster was one of the best cards in Paladin before it rotated out of Standard. But if you've missed it, something along those lines is making a return.

The Paladin spell was one of many cards revealed by game designer Peter Whalen and Brian Kibler on today's Blizzard livestream.

Level Up! is the same mana cost as Quartermaster, and sacrifices the body for Taunt. Cards like Vinecleaver still exist too, so Recruit Paladin could be a thing.

In fact, it's already a think in Wild. It's one of the strongest decks in the format, so Wild players will be looking at this card with hungry eyes.

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The new expansion, Kobolds and Catacombs, will release sometime in December. A concrete release date has not yet been announced.

If you are planning to invest real money in a bunch of packs, make sure you pre-order them for the best value. The bundle of 50 packs and an exclusive card back is $49.99.

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