3 November 2017 - 21:21

BlizzCon panel reveals even more new Hearthstone cards

Kobolds and Catacombs arrives next month.
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After announcing Hearthstone's next expansion earlier today at BlizzCon, even more cards have been revealed.

Kobolds and Catacombs is a 135-card set that will arrive in December, and contain a new legendary weapon for each class. These will be the first collectible legendary weapon cards in the game's history.

Aluneth is the next legendary weapon—although like the other caster classes, they aren't really weapons. This one increases your card draw to an insane four cards per turn, but it does cost six mana.

The Unidentified Elixir is only fully revealed once you draw it in game. As well as the buff, it can add Lifesteal, Divine Shield, a resummon Deathrattle, or create a 1/1 copy of the minion targeted. An unidentified shield and weapon will also feature in the set.

The set will also feature a series of scaling Spellstone cards. As you meet the condition with these cards in your hand, the card becomes more and more powerful. The Druid version is a simple damage spell, while the expensive Shaman Spellstone can summon up to three copies of a minion.

Guild Recruiter is another card with the Recruit mechanic, which summons a random minion from your deck. It's like Y'Shaarj. This five mana minion doesn't pack much of a punch, but it could be pretty powerful in the right deck.

Hunter secrets have struggled in recent years, and Blizzard will be hoping Wandering Monster can find its way into the wayward class. With the right deck, a three mana minion could be a really nasty target.

The set also has a new ooze, borrowing the mechanic somewhat from Moat Lurker. The stats on this minion aren't terrible, and with Deathrattle cards this could be pretty nasty. Expect to see players try and make this card work when the expansion is released.

The Warlock legendary doesn't look too impressive on its own, but it sets in motion a chain of cards. If you can spend 31 mana with all of these Seals, you will get Azari, the Devourer. Azari has one of the most destructive mechanics ever seen.

Yep. That's a real card. Is 31 mana achievable in a regular game? Probably not. But it will make for an awesome highlight clip.

The set will also include a number of Kobolds, obviously. The Illusionist will summon a 1/1 copy of a minion from your hand, sort of like Shadowcaster in Rogue already. The caster classes all make sense for Kobolds.

Paladins however, are not a natural home for Kobolds. Instead, this Kobold is really the enemy of the Paladins. Once he dies, three Silver Hand Recruits are freed from his captivity and added to your hand. Whether that ends up being something players want remains to be seen.

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