20 November 2017 - 19:13

Here's another Rogue secret in Hearthstone's next expansion

The card was revealed on today's livestream.
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If you have ever wanted to play more than two Shadowsteps in your Rogue, these new Rogue secret cards could be for you.

As part of Hearthstone's next expansion, Rogue will be getting secrets for the first time—three to be precise.

Cheat Death is a combination of Getaway Kodo, the Paladin secret, and Shadowstep. Rogue usually only plays a few minions that have great utility, so being able to bounce those is very powerful. This is something that could definitely find a home in decks like Tempo Rogue.

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The new expansion, Kobolds and Catacombs, will release sometime in December. A concrete release date has not yet been announced.

If you are planning to invest real money in a bunch of packs, make sure you pre-order them for the best value. The bundle of 50 packs and an exclusive card back is $49.99.

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