How to unlock Flightmaster Dungar for free in Hearthstone

Though the United in Stormwind expansion will be released at a later date, one legendary is landing in your collection right now.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has revealed the next set for the 2021 year of Hearthstone, United in Stormwind. As the second expansion within the Year of the Gryphon, United in Stormwind is adding two new mechanics: Tradeable and Questlines.

While the prospect of an upcoming expansion with multiple new cards is exciting, one Legendary minion from the newest set is swooping into your collection, available for use right now. With Patch 20.8’s release today, Flightmaster Dungar can be used in all of your constructed decks. To claim him, simply sign in after receiving the updated patch and he’ll be awarded to you once you log in.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Flightmaster Dungar provides you with interesting gameplay decisions. Upon playing the Flightmaster, you must pick a flightpath for him to travel to and go Dormant. The varying selections change how long he’s Dormant for and provide a higher quality effect when he returns based on how long he was away for.

If you send him to Westfall (one turn), he returns with a 2/2 Adventurer (like the ones from the Wailing Caverns mini-set) with a random Core Set keyword. This option grants you 5/5 worth of stats the following turn you play Dungar.

If Dungar is sent to Ironforge (three turns), 10 health is restored to your hero once he returns. This ability allows you to have Dungar return a turn later than what usual Dormant minions do and provide a massive heal. This option is strong against aggro decks since you can undo most of their burn damage and gain a 3/3 minion to contest the board once he arrives. The only downside to this option is that it takes a few turns for him to be summoned, which leaves you vulnerable to an aggressive opponent trying to finish you off before then.

If Dungar is sent to the Eastern Plaguelands (five turns), 12 damage will be split among all enemies upon returning. This effect is comparable to Imprisoned Antaen from Demon Hunter, which can either inflict massive burn damage against an opponent or have a healthy chance at wiping out any weaker enemy minions.

While this effect is powerful, it does take five turns to activate, which gives your opponent an ample amount of time to either finish you off or build a tall and wide board, reducing the effectiveness of random missiles once Dungar does complete his journey.

Players can sign into Hearthstone and get Flightmaster Dungar for free right now. The United in Stormwind standard bundle features 60 packs for $49.99 or you can gain access to Lady Katrana Prestor and Ve’nari Alternate Battlegrounds Bartender through the mega bundle, getting 80 packs for $79.99.