Hooked Scimitar is a new weapon coming in Hearthstone’s Saviors of Uldum expansion

A new combo card is here to power up your attack.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Two new Hearthstone cards are better than one.

Polish YouTuber Mateusz “MKRR” Krzesiński was one of the lucky content creators to reveal two cards at once on his channel, and one of them is the weapon Hooked Scimitar.

This is a three-mana card with two Attack and two Durability. Its effect gives the weapon two additional Attack to make it a fairly strong alternative. It seems to be a great pair for Whirlkick Master, or it’s at least a card that most Rogue players would love to see coming from its effect.

A video on MKRR’s channel shows how Hooked Scimitar works.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Saviors of Uldum releases worldwide on Aug. 6. That’s when those who pre-ordered the expansion’s bundles will be able to open their packs, and those who didn’t will see the packs in the in-game shop available for purchase either with real money or gold. Pre-order card bundles are still available with 50 packs for $49.99 or 80 packs for $79.99. The latter bundle comes with an exclusive Druid Hero, Elise Starseeker.

Saviors of Uldum will introduce 135 cards to Hearthstone’s Standard format next month.