Hearthstone’s 2021 Lunar New Year event is now live

Happy Lunar New Year.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you’re in the mood for some Hearthstone, you couldn’t have picked a better week. Hearthstone’s 2021 Lunar New Year event just kicked off and it’s full of stuff to do.

Starting today, players will have access to a new Legendary Questline. This new Questline gives you the opportunity to earn nine free packs, all of which contain cards that are usable in Standard. The first quest requires you to play one game of Battlegrounds. Next up, you’ll need to play five games of Duels. Your final quest will require you to play five ranked games in Hearthstone’s Standard mode.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Each quest will reward two Madness at the Darkmoon Faire card packs, as well as a single pack from Scholomance Academy. Though this Legendary Questline will probably be what most Hearthstone players are concerned with in regard to the event, that’s not all there is to see.

To further celebrate the occasion, Blizzard is releasing new skins themed around the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. If you’re into ancient literature or you just love Dynasty Warriors, you’re probably more than familiar with the characters that these skins are based on.

Priest will get a new skin for Anduin based on Zhuge Liang. Paladin will have an Uther skin based on Guan Yu. Rogue gets Diao Chan Valeera while Warrior has Lu Bu Garrosh. You can buy all of the above skins in a bundle for $24.99, but alternative purchase options are available.

Finally, the Lunar New Year event kicks it up a notch tomorrow with the Lunar Blessing Tavern Brawl. All of the new skins will be available until Feb. 19.

You’ll have until Feb. 23 to finish your Legendary Questline to snag those free packs.