Randomonium is this week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl

It's a nice break from theorycrafting.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone’s United in Stormwind expansion went live yesterday. And today, players will get to take on United in Stormwind’s first Tavern Brawl, Randomonium.

Odds are your time on Hearthstone since yesterday has been spent busting open card packs and making new decks. This Tavern Brawl will give you a break from all that theorycrafting because it does the deck building for you. All you need to do to get started is select a class and queue up.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

As you may have guessed by the name, this Brawl is heavily themed around the concept of randomness. The cards in your deck will be random and your card’s costs will be randomized each turn. That means you could luck out and play a 10-cost card for one mana.

Since this Brawl really is so outlandishly random, there isn’t much you can do to prepare. Much like Mat Cauthon from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, you’ll have to let luck be your guide. As always, try not to get out-traded by your opponent and use your removal sparingly.

Whoever cheats out the first big minion early in the game can oftentimes get a huge advantage. Don’t miss the opportunity to play something beefy if you get it. Priest has a ton of high-cost minions you could potentially cheat out, so if you’re stuck on class choice, consider giving it a shot.

You’ll have one full week to compete in the Randomonium Tavern Brawl. Gaining your first victory in Randomonium will earn you a free Year of the Phoenix card pack.