Hearthstone’s United in Stormwind expansion is now live

For the Alliance!

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

We’ve spent more than enough time shuffling our way through the Barrens. Now, it’s time to journey to Azeroth’s Eastern Kingdom in Hearthstone’s latest expansion, United in Stormwind.

Since Forged in the Barrens was revealed months ago, players had a sneaking suspicion that the expansion to follow would be heavily themed around World of Warcraft’s Alliance faction. Those suspicions turned out to be true when United in Stormwind was announced early last month. And now, Hearthstone’s next expansion is officially live.

United in Stormwind will introduce 135 new cards, as well as a plethora of mechanics and keywords. Players will be able to check out new Questline cards that reward you with a powerful minion if you complete each of their three requirements.

In addition to Questlines, you’ll have the chance to check out a new type of Weapon called Profession Tools and a new type of spell card called Mounts. Another exciting feature is the latest keyword to join Hearthstone, Tradeable. Cards with the Tradeable keyword can literally be traded for a different card in your deck.

All of the new features coming with United in Stormwind are sure to shake up the meta. The first few days of the launch of an expansion are arguably the most exciting time to play Hearthstone since the community will be testing ideas and figuring out what fits where.

You can check out all of the new stuff coming with United in Stormwind by logging in right now.