HCT World Championship login rewards are live

Get more free cards in exchange for minimal effort.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

April is an exciting month for Hearthstone fans, especially those who enjoy free cards.

You can log in right now to receive a free card pack in celebration of the 2019 HCT World Championship.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The HCT World Championship is underway this week, and with it comes a variety of ways to earn free card packs. Right now, you can beef up your collection simply by logging in. As of April 26, players can launch Hearthstone and receive a free Witchwood card pack in celebration of the HCT World Championship.

If this promotion follows the same pattern as last year, there will be three days of login rewards. Since the first day awarded a Witchwood pack, players should log in and receive a pack from the Boomsday¬†Project tomorrow. For the final day of the promotion, players should receive a pack from the Rastakhan’s¬†Rumble expansion.

Earlier in the month, Blizzard also offered players the opportunity to choose a champion for the HCT World Championship. As the tournament progresses, players will be awarded packs based on their selected champion’s performance.

Hearthstone is doing a promotional event for the HCT World Championship through the Twitch Drops program, too. It allows players to gain packs in exchange for watching the HCT for a certain amount of time.