12 July 2018 - 14:35

Hearthstone Global Games Swiss stage schedule, results, and standings

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The Hearthstone Global Games is returning for a second year.

After the Czech Republic wrapped up the tournament with a win last August at Gamescom, it's been nearly a whole year since the first event. But it's back, with 48 countries once again competing in team competition.

Unlike last year, where the teams went through two group stages before a single elimination bracket, it's a Swiss tournament this time. That means all the teams can play each other from the start, with six rounds of matches. After random pairs in week one, the teams will be matches against teams with the same record as them each round going forward.

From there sixteen teams will go into a double elimination bracket. The top eight teams will advance to the live finals, which this year will take place at Blizzcon.

The schedule and results for the Swiss stage are as follows. The matches in brackets will take place off-stream. This post will be updated weekly as the action moves on.

Week one

July 17

  • 2am CT: Sweden 3-2 Japan (Slovakia 3-1 Israel)
  • 4am CT: Turkey 1-3 South Korea (Belarus 3-1 Australia)
  • 6am CT: Indonesia 3-1 Norway (Bulgaria 3-2 Malaysia)
  • 8am CT: Philippines 1-3 France (Vietnam vs. Italy)
  • 10am CT: Belgium vs. Poland (Hungary vs. Thailand)
  • Noon CT: Croatia vs. Ukraine

July 18

  • 8am CT: United States vs. China (Austria vs. Romania)
  • 10am CT: Netherlands vs. Germany (Finland vs. United Kingdom)
  • Noon CT: Russia vs. Brazil (Mexico vs. Greece)
  • 2pm CT: Czech Republic vs. Canada (Spain vs. Switzerland)
  • 4pm CT: New Zealand vs. Portugal (Denmark vs. Peru)

July 19

  • 7pm CT: Argentina vs. Singapore (Chile vs. Hong Kong)
  • 9pm CT: Taiwan vs. Kazakhstan
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