Everything you need to know about Hearthstone Masters Tour Seoul

It's time to see the big dogs in action.

This weekend, the Hearthstone Masters Tour returns and will be broadcast live from Seoul, South Korea.

The Masters Tour will take place from Aug. 16 to 17 and players will be able to watch worldwide on Twitch. The start time for days one and two will be 8pm CT. Day three will begin somewhat later at 9pm CT.

Over 350 players have been invited to compete in Masters Tour Seoul. Players grind countless games of top-level Hearthstone throughout the year in order to prepare for Masters Tour events. During the Masters Tour, players will be following the Specialist format.

Matches in the Specialist format will be best-of-three series. The only matches that aren’t best-of-three will be the semifinals and finals, which will be best-of-five series. This means that with the exception of the finals and semifinals, the competitor who wins two out of three games advances.

Both players will start with their primary deck. After each game, players may switch to their secondary or tertiary deck. Players also have the option of sticking with their primary deck. Decks must be from the same class. Check out the graphic below for a visual representation of what’s expected from players regarding their primary, secondary, and tertiary decks.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Day one of the event will follow seven rounds of Swiss. Day two will see players with four or more match wins play through five more rounds of Swiss. The top eight players then advance to two dual-tournament format groups and play their initial rounds. That means all that’s left to do on day three is have the top eight players return to finish the tournament.

If watching competitive Hearthstone isn’t your thing but you enjoy free card packs, you should still tune in for Twitch Drops. The Masters Tour Seoul broadcast on Twitch will periodically reward players with packs if their Twitch and Battle.net accounts are connected. You can figure out how to connect your Battle.net and Twitch accounts here. Check out Masters Tour Seoul this weekend on Hearthstone’s official Twitch channel.