Elemental Evocation is the latest Mage spell revealed from Rastakhan’s Rumble

It's a zero-mana spell for Elemental decks.

Screengrab via Hearthstone

Another spell has been revealed from Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, Rastakhan’s Rumble.

Elemental Evocation is a zero-mana Mage spell that makes the next Elemental you play this turn cost two less.

Obviously, Hearthstone players like cards that don’t cost anything—and that’s what category this spell falls into. This spell will also need to be used in an Elemental Mage deck in order for players to benefit from its effect.

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There are two different pre-purchase bundles for Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, Rastakhan’s Rumble: One for $20 and another for $50. These options will only be available until the expansion is released on Dec. 4.