Armor up with the latest Warrior spell from Hearthstone’s Fractured in the Valley expansion, Frozen Buckler

Play this spell wisely to get the most value.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

We’re fast approaching the end of the year, which means it’s almost time to finish bulking up for the winter. And with the latest spell from Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, Fractured in Alterac Valley, fans of the digital card game can do just that—and for a cheap price, too.

Frozen Buckler is an Epic two-mana Warrior Frost spell that grants the user 10 armor. At the start of the user’s next turn, however, they lose five armor.

Hearthstone podcaster Ray Walkinshaw revealed the spell on Twitter today.

This card is a fairly cheap spell for the amount of armor it gives. If you don’t have any minions on the board and are expecting a direct attack, or if you’re up against a particularly aggressive opponent, the total armor this card grants has great payoff. Frozen Buckler will likely contend in Standard with other armor-granting spells, like Heavy Plate, which grants the user eight armor for three mana but also boasts the Tradeable keyword.

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Fractured in Alterac Valley releases Dec. 7. The expansion will introduce 137 new cards and a new keyword, Honorable Kill, which gains a bonus effect if the exact amount of lethal damage is done to an enemy. Hearthstone fans can now pre-order the expansion in one of two bundles from Blizzard’s online store.