Shadow Word: Devour revealed for Hearthstone’s Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion

Anti-aggro at its finest.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The battle awaits in Fractured in Alterac Valley.

The latest card to join Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion is Shadow Word: Devour, a one-cost Priest spell that chooses a minion and steals one health from all other minions on the board.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Shadow Word: Devour is an interesting addition to the class, providing a new line of defense against aggro. Combined with a taunt, the card has the potential to stop high-rolling aggro decks dead in their tracks.

Its low cost also means there’s practically nothing to lose. It slots in nicely in any number of Priest decks.

Fractured in Alterac Valley is expected to hit the live servers on Dec. 7. But Hearthstone fans can pre-order the expansion today. Stay tuned for more card reveals in the days and weeks leading up to the expansion.