Blizzard tune Arena card power levels again following pick overhaul

It's the second time the developer has tinkered with the new format.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone‘s Arena mode has received another hot fix, as Blizzard attempt to get the power levels right on the new pick format.

Traditionally, Hearthstone‘s Arena mode offered players their pick of three cards of the same rarity that were available to their class. Last month however, that format was overhauled.

Since those picks could often be obvious, or feel uninteractive due to one card being much more powerful than the others, Blizzard made a change. In the new Arena, the three cards offered will always be of the same relative power level, no matter the rarity. That means that card choices should feel more interesting, since there won’t be an obvious objective best choice.

That was the theory. But when the change went live last month, players found that Arena was a little too easy. Too many of the cards were offered were strong, and in particular too many legendary cards were being offered. Within a few days Blizzard had released a hot fix to tune down the legendaries and ramp up the below average cards.

Today Blizzard is releasing another patch, seemingly having not gone far enough last time.

The below average card pool is getting another slight increase in how often it appears, with rare cards appearing a little less often than they do right now. The fix will also address issues with card ratings from the two most recent expansions, Kobolds & Catacombs and The Witchwood, to make sure those cards are appearing in the right power level in Arena going forward.

The hotfix should go live later today, as Blizzard continues to fine tune this radical overhaul of Arena.