Ambassador Faelin revealed for Hearthstone’s Voyage to the Sunken City expansion

New Legendary minions are on their way.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone players finally learned what to expect from the game’s next expansion today.

Voyage to the Sunken City is on its way and Ambassador Faelin is coming with it.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

One of the first Legendaries revealed for the new expansion, Ambassador Faelin is a four-cost 4/5 minion with a Battlecry. Faelin’s Battlecry allows you to put three Colossal minions on the bottom of your deck.

Colossal is a new keyword making its debut with the Voyage to the Sunken City expansion. Cards with Colossal come with extra appendages that synergize with their main body card. Appendages related to cards with Colossal will be summoned with the main body, even if the Colossal wasn’t played from hand.

With the power of Ambassador Faelin, you’ll be able to put three of these mighty creatures on the bottom of your deck. You may be wondering why that’s something you’d want to do, considering you can’t draw from the bottom of your deck.

Thanks to the second Keyword coming with Voyage to the Sunken City, you’ll be able to manipulate your deck like never before. Cards with the Dredge keyword will allow you to look at the bottom three cards of your deck, then move one to the top. It’s easy to imagine that Ambassador Faelin will find itself in a deck with plenty of Dredge cards.

You’ll be able to check out Ambassador Faelin and all of the new cards coming with Voyage to the Sunken City when the expansion goes live on April 12.