All Hunter cards from Hearthstone’s Throne of the Tides mini-set

Burn, baby, burn.

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Questline Hunter will get even stronger once the new Hearthstone release goes live, but Naga and Mech enthusiasts also have something to look forward to with the new cards.

Here are all of the Hunter cards from the Throne of the Tides mini-set.

List of Hunter cards in Throne of the Tides

Ancient Krakenbane

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A 3 mana 3/3 Naga needs a lot of help from its card text to become viable, and this might just be enough. Ancient Krakenbane is a Battlecry that “if you’ve cast three spells while holding this, deal 5 damage.”

This is a much worse topdeck, and it might be tough to crowbar in two minions into the 30-card Questline Hunter deck, but the payoff of 10 extra burn in that deck sounds rather promising.


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Would you look at that, another spell that might deal five damage in one go and allows you to keep control of the board and rapidly progress your Questline in the process.

It’s just that pesky “random” word that might get in the way of the good times, but with all the other tools the class has to keep clearing the board, Shellshot could be a very strong addition to its arsenal. Whether there’s enough juice to outlast a Control Warrior or other such decks remains to be seen.


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What a cute puppy and what an adorable name! A tribal tag and a powerful Battlecry effect are now the baseline for what you get alongside your vanilla stats on a class two-drop. Compare and contrast this with Mage’s Trench Surveyor. This immediately summons the minion, which may very well give you pre-nerf Patches PTSD. Is it Mech Hunter time? Hyper-aggro Hunter time? Whatever your approach, this is a good doggie.

The Throne of the Tides mini-set launches on June 1. A list of all of its cards is available here.