What is an aviator cable? Answered

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An aviator cable and connector have users covered when it comes to keyboard aesthetics. If you’re in the market for adding a little something extra to your gaming setup, and you’re not looking to break the bank, an aviator cable might be exactly what you’re looking for. Aviator cables and connectors have users covered when it comes to keyboard aesthetics, cable durability, and ease of keyboard connection removal. Because of their rising popularity, users are adding these cables to their setups because of their durability and professional look.

What is an aviator cable?

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Made of copper material on the inside with paracord and woven plastic on the outside, aviator cable brings an unmatched degree of aesthetics to keyboards. They typically include customizable coils and come in a variety of colors. 

Aviator cables feature a practical advantage as well, allowing a bit of play in the length of the cable, all the while looking neat. Being able to customize coil length is ideal for users aiming for a clean setup. Whenever the cable itself is stretched out, it springs back to a compact coil, retaining a uniform coiled look.

Many users sleeve their cable with a material known as TechFlex. Techflex is a woven plastic that is used to reinforce the strength of your cable while providing another layer of customization.

Aviator cables are typically available with a USB Type-C connector and feature a detachable aviator plug to support a wide range of connections.

What is an aviator connector?

The idea behind an aviator connector is to easily and quickly switch between keyboards or relocate the keyboard from rig to rig without removing the cable itself from the board. This is ideal for users with separate keyboards for gaming and work. In the long run, this can help with the wear and tear associated with keyboard USB ports. A USB adapter dongle can be used as an alternative option; however, going the aviator route is a no-brainer from an aesthetics and quality viewpoint.

What cable customizations are there?

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Aviator customizations include cable length, coating, coil length, connection type, and most notably, color and pattern type. The choice of color can make any setup stand out, depending on the contrast between the aviator cable and nearby peripherals, especially the keyboard and keycaps. Companies like Kraken Keyboards offer a range of cable color options to choose from, so finding a color that complements your setup is a breeze. Another solid source is Etsy, which provides a wide range of cable options from independent custom cable makers.

Whether you’re aiming to match your keyboard or keep track of its cable, an aviator cable and connector is a durable and flexible choice for any setup. Aviator cables and connectors also provide a unique degree of aesthetic freedom that interests many keyboard enthusiasts and gamers alike.

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