What does KAT profile mean?

Happy middle ground.

Image via Deskhero

When it comes to keyboard customization, the options are limitless. Users have various methods to completely alter their setups to make them stand out and reflect their personalities. One popular way of customizing a keyboard is modifying it with a KAT profile keycap set. 

Keycaps come in a variety of heights and shapes, otherwise known as keycap profiles. Keycap profiles aim to alter ergonomics, feel, and style. KAT keycaps provide users with an alternative to standard OEM keycaps.

What are KAT profile keycaps?

KAT stands for Keyreative All Touch. KAT is an ultra-smooth, mid-sized profile with sculpted keycaps that slot somewhere between SA keycaps and Cherry keycaps in terms of overall design.

Each keycap sits tall, rounded, and curvy. This profile is similar to SA profile in shape, just not as tall. KAT is constructed with thick plastic, which gives off a hollow, chattering-like sound with each stroke of a keycap.

KAT keycaps feature a spherical, inclined design that provides an inviting feeling for usage, with fingers slotting nicely onto each keycap. This is largely due to the surface area on the face of each keycap feeling quite wide to type on.

The overall design of KAT profile allows for fast actuation, which is ideal for gamers looking to improve their efficiency. The typing experience feels especially pleasant compared to SA profile, which can feel unforgiving to type on at times because of its very high profile.

Who makes KAT profile keycaps?

Keyreative manufactures KAT profile keycaps, hence the name Keyreative All Touch. Established in 2013, Keyreative is known for graphic design, 3D modeling, and general keycap production. They also practice dye sublimation, laser etching, and keycap dyeing. KAT profile is Keyreative’s first self-developed profile for mechanical keyboards.

Image via Kono

Where can I buy KAT profile keycaps?

If you’re curious to see if KAT profile keycaps are right for you, it’s not a bad idea to head straight to the source and visit Keyreative’s website. They do offer a limited selection, but it’s wise to see what they have in stock since they are the leading manufacturer. Keyreative also produces other similar products, including keyboards, deskmats, switches, and keyboard switch lubricants.

A second recommendation to check out is zFrontier. The company offers keycaps from Keyreative and feature products from other popular keycap producers, like Signature Plastics and GMK.

Lastly, Deskhero provides an additional place to check out. This website features a convenient keycap filtering search tool, so narrowing down specific keycap profiles only requires the click of a button.


  • Strikes a fine balance between SA and Cherry keycaps
  • User-friendly typing experience
  • Ideal for gamers


  • Limited availability
  • Non-textured keycaps might be a turn-off for some

Deciding whether making the switch to KAT profile keycaps is worth it is entirely up to the user. KAT keycaps provide a solid middle ground between Cherry and SA keycaps, so if you’ve ever tried either of those two and you’ve liked them, then KAT profile might be an attractive option. Additionally, KAT keycaps’ medium profile and rounded, curvy feel are ideal for gamers and typists looking to maximize their efficiency.