ScreaM’s VALORANT streaming setup: Headset, mouse, keyboard, and more

Practice makes perfect.

Photo via Riot Games

ScreaM is a VALORANT player with talent that’s earned through a decade of professional FPS experience. The headshot king makes the most unlikely of plays seem easy with his wicked reflexes and superb accuracy. 

But even if ScreaM has some innate ability that separates him from the average player, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at his peripheral gear when trying to improve your experience.

Here is the complete ScreaM VALORANT streaming setup, from start to finish. 

Mouse: Finalmouse Classic Ergo

Photo by Finalmouse via Amazon

Unlike a contemporary MMO mouse, where access to numerous buttons and functions is a must, ScreaM’s mouse of choice keeps things simple by prioritizing a comfortable shape and accurate tracking. 

The Classic Ergo’s two side buttons and slim grip width are enough for ScreaM. Aside from that, he keeps his DPI at 400 and his in-game sensitivity at .765, just in case you’d like to put that info into a practice session to see its benefits. 

A sensitivity above .45 is considered rather high and may result in a loss of consistency for most FPS players, so take these settings with a grain of salt.

Mouse pad: SteelSeries QcK Heavy Mouse pad

Image via
Image via SteelSeries

There isn’t a whole lot a mouse pad can do aside from being reasonably well designed. If a mouse pad is fashioned with the right material, comes in a large enough size, and its seller is reputable, then you can buy without worrying. ScreaM’s mouse pad fits the bill.

A good mouse pad is the one you forget is there, and the QcK mouse pad accomplishes that without issue. For FPS games, be sure to get one in a large size, so you’re not constantly readjusting your wrist position to make up for a lack of space. Aside from that, don’t spill coffee on it too many times, and you should be fine. 

Monitor: Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor

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Image via Dell

ScreaM officially runs with the Alienware 25 monitor. ScreaM’s Liquipedia listing notes that he prefers to play on a 360Hz monitor, but the Alienware 25 only has a maximum refresh rate of 240Hz. 

Any monitor above 120Hz is going to get the job done in games like VALORANT and CS:GO, so despite not achieving the grand 360Hz refresh rate you might want, the Alienware 25 monitor is more than what you need to ensure you’re not playing at a disadvantage when trying to emulate the headshot king. 

Keyboard: HyperX Alloy FPS 

Image via HyperX

A keyboard designed with a minimalist approach in mind, the HyperX Alloy FPS is perfect for the FPS player who wants to focus only on what’s necessary. With Cherry MX Red switches that have a two-millimeter actuation point and a tenkeyless (TKL) design, this keyboard is about as standard as gaming keyboards come and omits the unnecessary Numpad on the right side. 

Additionally, you’re getting some RGB lighting on the keys along with that irreplaceable click-clack sound that comes with a mechanical keyboard which, as we all know, improves headshot percentages by five percent immediately. 

Headset: Sennheiser Game Zero 

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Photo via EPOS

This piece of equipment is arguably the one that will make the biggest difference in the average player’s gameplay. Sennheiser’s Game Zero is a noise-canceling headset that offers exceptional input and output audio quality. Its microphone, which mutes when adjusted upwards, helps keep out unwanted noise while delivering crystal clear communication that’s generally hard to match with an average mic.

To boot, the Game Zero comes with a promise of sonic clarity and comfort with a tight seal around its XXL earcups. This headset fits well and blocks out the noise that isn’t coming from the game itself. Anyone who’s even slightly familiar with any FPS games will know that using the info sound provides is key to succeeding in a match. 

Enemy footsteps, friendly footsteps, reloads, ability usage, and more are all indicated through sound. No mouse, keyboard, or refresh rate upgrade will match that kind of utility advantage unless the headset you’re currently using doesn’t work. 

That’s it for ScreaM’s streaming setup. None of these items are necessarily what you need to get the experience you want. There’s no magic mouse or keyboard that will bring you to the top level, only talent and an ungodly amount of practice.