Is Apple iCloud Down? Here’s how to check

This could cause problems for multiple services.

Image via Apple

Apple offers a variety of online services for people who own its devices, but one of the most integral to the company’s interconnected ecosystem, iCloud, might be the most frustrating to deal with when it comes to outages. 

Apple’s cloud storage and computing service lets its users store data like documents, photos, and music on remote servers. These files can then be accessed, shared, or managed at any time via the internet on iOS, macOS, or Windows devices.

However, as soon as the severs backing up iCloud start experiencing issues, all of those uses go out the window and data syncing becomes impossible across the board. This limits access to email, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes, and more if you use iCloud to sync across your devices. 

Just like with most of Apple’s first-party services, when checking for issues you are likely only going to have the official system status page to use for information. This website specifically outlines which software and servers are experiencing outages and issues, with the ability to see detailed updates from Apple. 

You can also use Downdetector as an alternative that provides user input on the ongoing outages. 

If you want to try and fix this yourself, you can try and restart your device. This could reset whatever problem you are dealing with, even if the chances of that happening are low. Additionally, check to see if your internet or cellular data are working properly.