How to turn off PlayStation 5 remote play

It only takes a few clicks.

Screengrab via PlayStation

With the PlayStation 5’s impressive hardware, players are finding ways to get the most use out of their new console.

One of the best ways to experience the PS5 while away from your console is using PlayStation remote play. Added during the days of the PS4, remote play allows gamers to use the hardware in their console while broadcasting the gameplay to another device over Wi-Fi.

This service is available on both PC and mobile devices, as well as through older consoles such as the PS4.

While this is a useful feature for some users, others may choose to stop using the service or disable it all together. Doing this is a simple process.

How to turn off PS5 remote play

If you plan to completely disable the service, navigate to the Settings tab on your PS5 console. From there, select the System option, taking you to a menu with an option for remote play.

Once here, select Remote Play from the sidebar and disable remote play using the slider option in the menu.

Its as simple as that.

If you are currently using remote play and simply plan to turn it off and resume back on your console, the process is even simpler. On PC all you need to do is close the PS Remote Play application and your gameplay will immediately resume on the console.

If you are using a mobile device the process is much the same, just close the application and your PS5 console will transition back to the console.