How to fix Error WS-37505-0 on Playstation

Not a major concern.

Image via Sony

PS4 and PS5 won’t always work as much as we want to believe they will and have a slew of different errors.

One of these that have popped up recently with the latest PS update is error WS-37505-0, which is plaguing a lot of users across the world. It isn’t a massive error, however. While annoying, it does have its reasons for popping up.

Error ws-37505-0 Explained

If you are seeing this error, there is honestly nothing to worry about. This error is caused by Sony’s side and will be addressed and fixed as soon as possible.

You can check the game server or server status on social media, or even check out the PSN status page to see if others are having similar problems as you. But don’t feel like you need to rush into doing anything drastic.

Have some patience, wait, and the problem will fix itself eventually.