Can you play Nintendo Switch games on Nintendo Switch OLED?

It's all good.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo Switch OLED is finally here, and fans are already discussing whether it’s worth an upgrade while newcomers to the Switch world are already looking to join in on the latest version of the console.

Though Nintendo went ahead and doubled the base storage of Nintendo Switch OLED from 32GB to 64GB, it’s still not enough for players who’d like to have a handful of downloaded games at their disposal. If you only use the native storage size of the Switch, you may soon find yourself deleting games to download other ones since you’ll start running out of space.

If you already own a Nintendo Switch, it’s likely that you may have an expansive game library at your disposal. While most consoles do generational updates these days, which make game compatibility a problem, that isn’t the case for Nintendo Switch’s OLED refresh. All the games you’ve purchased on your regular Nintendo Switch will work just fine on your OLED Switch. The only difference will be the colors and the overall visual quality since OLED screens feature relatively better color vibrancy.

Despite the bump in the base storage size, a micro SD card is still recommended for players who’d like to have more than a handful of games at their disposal. Considering the size of modern games, the base storage can fill up rather quickly, and a micro SD card for your Switch should give you the freedom to download all the games you’d like.

Thanks to the new LAN cable feature on the dock, you’ll also be able to download games relatively faster since wired connections tend to be more stable than Wi-Fi.