Best gaming chairs for kids

Small size, big features.

Image via Flash Furniture

Traditional gaming chairs are often too big for children and don’t provide much support for smaller users. Kids may find that their legs don’t touch the ground, or they might not be able to reach the levers or knobs to adjust the chair. 

Many companies solve this problem by making smaller chairs for younger users. These compact chairs are a better fit for younger players. Despite having a more compact size, kid-friendly gaming chairs often have similar features and adjustability options as their full-size counterparts.

These are the best gaming chairs for kids.

Best overall

X Rocker Agility Jr

Image via X Rocker

Younger players looking for a budget-friendly racing chair can check out the X Rocker Agility Jr. This gaming chair is reasonably priced and has the features of a full-size racing chair in a compact package.

The Agility Jr has the same basic design and build-quality as X Rocker’s full-size gaming chairs. It has a metal frame covered in foam and PU leather, which is durable and easy to clean, so parents don’t have to worry about stains and spills. Some of the adjustable features on the Agility Jr are the 120-degree reclining function and 3D armrests. The height is also adjustable, and there’s a 360-degree swivel feature. Compared to the Omega chair, the Agility Jr is limited to three color combinations: Blue, Red, and Green.

Some comfort-oriented features of the Agility Jr are similar to the Secretlab Omega chair. The Agility Jr has bolsters on the seat and headrest to keep the user firmly in place. Removable lumbar and neck pillows are also standard features that provide extra support for players.

A couple of reasons to choose the Agility Jr are its versatility and value. This chair is perfect for PC or console gaming, and it has enough support for longer gaming sessions. For almost half the price of the Secretlab’s Omega, the Agility Jr won’t break the bank for budget-minded buyers.

Best for pre-teens

Secretlab Omega

Image via SecretLab

The Secretlab Omega is the best gaming chair for pre-teens because of its slightly larger size and customization options. It’s the most compact gaming chair in the Secretlab range and sits under the Titan and Titan XL. As the smallest option in the range, the Omega is ideal for younger players up to 5 feet and 11 inches tall and weighing less than 240 pounds.

Compared to most gaming chairs, the Omega has an incredible number of customization options. Buyers can pick between polyurethane (PU) leather, SoftWeave fabric, or Napa leather for the upholstery. The Napa leather only comes in black, but the other two options come in multiple colors. SoftWeave is available in Black, Cookies and Cream, Charcoal Blue, or a D.Va theme. Buyers who choose PU leather have an even more comprehensive selection available to them. Options include Stealth, Black, Classic, Ash, Royal, and various licensed themes.

Secretlab’s selection of licensed themes for the Omega chair is extensive and covers esports teams and other media properties. Available esports themes include Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, and T1. Buyers can also choose themes from their favorite games like League of Legends, Overwatch, and DOTA 2. Other popular color schemes include Dark Knight, Game of Thrones, and Deadmau5.

Comfort is a major factor when choosing a gaming chair. Secretlab’s Omega has molded foam padding under the upholstery and bolsters on the seat and backrest. Removable pillows for neck and lumbar support ship with the Omega chair. The combination of bolstering, padding, and removable pillows offers firm support while still maintaining a high level of comfort.

Users have many adjustability options to fine-tune the Omega to their needs. The padded 4D armrests adjust up and down, left and right, and can pivot in and out. It’s possible to recline the backrest up to 165 degrees, and the chair’s height is also adjustable.

Secretlab’s Omega chair offers unrivaled customization options, adjustability, and size. The Omega may be pricey, but it’s worth the investment since it has a bit more space for pre-teens to grow into.

Best rocker

X Rocker Torque 2.1

Image via X Rocker

X Rocker’s Torque 2.1 is a great choice for kids because it has built-in sound, vibration, and eye-catching RGB lighting.

Unlike other chairs on the list, X Rocker’s Torque 2.1 features integrated speakers and multiple connectivity options. This chair has two speakers built into the headrest with a subwoofer in the backrest. All the settings, including the volume and bass controls, sit on a conveniently located panel on the chair’s left side. The control panel also contains the 3.5-millimeter port and RCA port. Users can take advantage of the provided Bluetooth adapter if they don’t want extra wires dangling from their chair. The Bluetooth adapter plugs into the audio port on the TV and transmits to the gaming chair.

Two features kids will appreciate are the RGB lighting and vibration feature. There are two RGB lighting strips on the front of the backrest, making the Torque 2.1 stand out. The lighting strips add some flair to the chair and feature 30 different presets. Buyers toggle the vibration feature for a more immersive gaming experience. The vibration function can be adjusted between high or low and synchronizes with the speakers to match the sound from games or movies. 

X Rocker chairs have a reputation for practicality. The Torque 2.1 is durable and easy to clean, thanks to the PU leather upholstery. Having a practical PU leather finish helps prevents stains and helps increase the longevity of the Torque 2.1. Aside from the practical upholstery, the Torque 2.1 is also easy to fold and store without taking up much space.

Best bean bag

3ft Sofa Sack 

Image via Sofa Sack

Sofa Sack’s bean bag chair is a no-frills option for young gamers that’s easy to use with no adjustments required. The company’s bean bags come in various sizes ranging from one foot all the way up to six feet. The three-foot bean bag chair sits in the middle of the range is the perfect size for small children and young adults. 

Bean bag chairs are popular choices because they are affordable and durable. They cost much less than conventional gaming chairs and still offer a high degree of comfort. Bean bag chairs also have a simple construction compared to the other chairs on this list, with no complicated mechanisms to break or wear out.

Despite the reasonable price, the Sofa Sack’s materials are all high quality and come in a range of options. The inside consists of soft memory foam that molds to the shape of the user’s body. Durable synthetic suede makes up the exterior of this chair. Microsuede is more stain-resistant and easier to clean than genuine suede, making it a better option for kids. Buyers are also spoiled for choice when choosing a Sofa Sack because there are 14 colors available.  

There are a few drawbacks to bean bag chairs. They may be great for console gaming, but they aren’t a good choice for PC gaming. Bean bag chairs don’t offer the best support and might not be comfortable for longer gaming sessions. 

Best recliner

Flash Furniture Deluxe Padded Recliner

Image via Flash Furniture

Reclining chairs offer more support than bean bags and are equally comfortable. The Flash Furniture Deluxe Padded Kids’ Recliner has all the features of a full-size recliner scaled down for younger players.

Flash Furniture’s recliner resembles a mini-sofa with thick padding all-around. It has a hardwood frame covered in fire retardant foam and upholstery. Buyers can choose between three different upholstery options, including vinyl, microfiber, and imitation leather. Each upholstery choice comes in a range of bright colors with over 30 combinations to choose from. 

Other useful features of this chair are the reclining function and the storage compartments. The reclining function moves the backward and raises the footrest so kids can relax comfortably. Both armrests fold open to reveal storage compartments perfect for stowing controllers and headsets.

Despite being comfortable for younger users, the Flash Furniture Deluxe Padded Kids’ Recliner isn’t the best choice for older kids. Its small size and 90-pound weight limit mean it’s only recommended for younger players between three and nine. Like the Sofa Sack, the Flash Furniture Deluxe Padded Kids’ Recliner is more suited to console players than PC gamers because it doesn’t fit well with a desk.

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