Best gaming chairs for back pain

These chairs might ease your back pain woes.

Image via Vertagear

If you spend hours working at your desk or playing games, you need a supportive chair to prevent back and neck pain. 

Incorrect posture can lead to poor circulation and unnecessary fatigue. It can even affect your mood and contribute to stress. The right gaming chair can help alleviate these issues. 

There are a few things to look out for when selecting a gaming chair for back pain. Everyone’s needs are different, so it’s important to choose a chair with features that best suit you. Chairs that feature an adjustable back with lumbar and neck support are especially desirable due to their high level of adjustability. Some gaming chairs have ergonomic shapes that encourage you to sit up straight instead of slouching. A gaming chair that eases back pain should also have firm but ample padding. A tall backrest can also reduce slouching because they provide extra neck support that’s not found on shorter office chairs.

Other features to look out for if you want to prevent back pain are a reclining function and removable pillows. Being able to recline allows your body to stretch and find the perfect position to get you the support you need. Included pillows can provide additional neck and lumbar support. 

Moving from a conventional office chair to a gaming chair might be a bit difficult at first because your body has to get used to the new seating position. It shouldn’t take long to adjust to the new position, and you’ll likely know if the chair is right for your back within a week.

Here are some of the best gaming chairs for back pain.

Vertagear SL5000

Image by Vertagear via Amazon

The Vertagear SL5000 is a racing-style seat favored by gamers for its immense comfort. The high backrest provides excellent support, and it also has a dual-vent system to keep you cool. Both the seat and backrest also have side supports to keep you snug in your seat. This Vertagear chair is upholstered with polyurethane (PU) leather that’s easy to clean.

The SL5000 gives users easily adjustable comfort features. These features include removable memory foam pillows that provide neck and lumbar support. Another feature that can help to ease back pain is the adjustable backrest. It can recline between 80 and 140 degrees so that you can find the most comfortable position.

This chair also has the usual features associated with gaming chairs, like adjustable height, four-direction armrests, and a tilt and locking mechanism. The Vertagear can help relieve back pain with its additional padding and adjustability features. It comes in a range of colors, including black, black and red, black and blue, and black with camo.

Secretlab Titan

Image via Secretlab

The Secretlab Titan has impressive adjustability and a multitude of customization options. The customization options come at a premium, but it might be worth it if you’re looking for a more bespoke gaming chair. This gaming chair comes in either PU leather, SoftWeave fabric, or Napa leather, with exclusive colors available for each finish. The PU leather option is available in a range of officially licensed games like Overwatch and DOTA 2 and esports teams like Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid.

Secretlab’s Titan is just as serious about function as it is about looks. It has a dial on the side to easily adjust the seat depth for better lumbar support, and it can also recline up to 165 degrees. There’s no lumbar cushion, but it comes with a gel-infused memory foam cushion for head and neck support. As expected on a chair of this class, the armrests are four-way adjustable, and they have a slightly concave shape to hold your arm in place.

One of the factors that offsets the high price is the three-year warranty that can be extended to five years if you post a picture of your Titan online. This chair is ideal for gamers wanting a spacious chair with outstanding durability.

Cooler Master Ergo L

Image via Cooler Master via Amazon

The Cooler Master Ergo L is an excellent alternative to a racing-style chair. It’s made from a combination of PU leather and breathable mesh. The mesh runs along the backrest and seat to increase airflow and keep you feeling cool. The frame and base are made from aluminum, and it has a maximum capacity of 440 pounds. Where it stands out is the contoured backrest that adjusts to the shape of your spine. It provides great support and reclines between 90 to 120 degrees.

Adjustability options look a little different on the Ergo L. Instead of a neck pillow, this chair has a headrest that is adjustable for height and angle. You can also adjust the seat depth and the armrests. 

Despite being more expensive than the Titan, the Cooler Master Ergo L is worth a look if you have back pain and aren’t looking for a traditional gaming chair.

Herman Miller x Logitech Embody

Image via Logitech

The Herman Miller x Logitech Embody comes from two companies known for top-notch products and premium prices. Instead of using PU leather, like the Vertagear SL5000, the Embody has a breathable black fabric covering the memory foam seat and back. The full-black design is broken up by the blue on the chair back and adjustment triggers. 

One way Logitech and Herman Miller justify the cost of this chair is the superb ergonomics. The Embody is designed to provide the utmost comfort to esports pros who spend hours behind the screen every day. It achieves this by having a flexible spine made up of smaller segments that support the different parts of your back. The backrest is also curved at the bottom to provide lumbar and pelvis support. 

Despite these innovative features, this chair falls short in a few categories. The embody has a short backrest that lacks neck and head support. It has a reclining feature like the Cooler Master Ergo L and Secretlab Titan, but it doesn’t lock back. As soon as you lean forward, the backrest moves with you.

The Embody looks great and has some unique features not commonly seen in gaming chairs, but it has some flaws. This chair’s lack of neck and head neck support is disappointing, especially when considering the exorbitant price tag.


Image by Neuechair via Amazon

The NeueChair is another pricey option with great support. It’s worth a look if you need a comfortable gaming chair that’s ideal for both gaming and office use. 

It may not look like much, but the NeueChair has great build quality and is easily adjustable. The seat and backrest are made from black mesh that is durable enough for hard use while also allowing outstanding airflow. The backrest has a curved shape to support your spine, and it can be adjusted forward, backward, up, and down. It’s also possible to adjust the seat depth for a more comfortable fit. Holding everything together is an aluminum frame that has a clean and classic look

The NeueChair has intuitively placed controls compared to many other gaming chairs. The controls are tucked under the front of the armrests and easy to reach without bending over. Unfortunately, the armrests are only adjustable up and down, and the mechanism is a bit finicky, so it can be challenging to get them both at the same height.

The NeueChair doesn’t come cheap, but it has enough adjustability options to improve your posture and prevent back pain.


Image by Respawn via Amazon

The Respawn 200 has a lower price than the other racing-style chairs on this list but still has comparable features. It is upholstered with PU leather and has a large backrest, just like the Vertagear SL5000. It also matches the SL5000 by having adjustable neck and lumbar pillows.

Some features can’t match the more expensive chairs like the Secretlab Titan but are still acceptable at the lower price point. The recliner only works between 90 and 130-degrees, compared to the  165 degrees on the Secretlab Titan.

Despite the affordable price, the Respawn 200 still comes with removable neck and lumbar support pillows. The mesh strips running down both sides are a nice touch and improve cooling by letting air circulate freely. The backrest has a slightly curved shape to support your back, but the armrests can only travel up and down, which is not surprising at this price point. 

The Respawn 200 ais worth checking out if you need a supportive chair without spending much.

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