Xbox owners will receive upgraded version of Halo Infinite for free

Fans won't need to purchase the same game twice.

Image via 343 Industries

The highly-anticipated Halo Infinite will use Microsoft’s new Smart Delivery program and allow players to only purchase the title once.

Microsoft officially revealed a lot of new information about the upcoming Xbox Series X earlier today. One of the biggest updates is the new feature called Smart Delivery, which will allow players to purchase a game once and have access to it on any compatible Xbox system. Halo Infinite will be one of the first titles to use the new Smart Delivery function and fans won’t need to repurchase or wait to play the upcoming title.

In the past, consoles usually had a few flagship titles that were exclusive to the new system. Microsoft has stepped away from this practice, though, and will allow players to purchase a title for their current console and have a version waiting for them when they upgrade their system. This allows players to enjoy a new title without having to wait until they can afford the new console or have to buy a second copy when they finally upgrade.

Microsoft will also be releasing more console variations throughout the lifecycle, so Smart Delivery will ensure players always have access to their favorite titles. Halo Infinite isn’t the only game confirmed to be using Smart Delivery. CD Projekt Red revealed that CyberPunk 2077 will use the Smart Delivery Program and that fans shouldn’t be required to buy the same game twice.

The Xbox Series X will release this holiday season. Microsoft has not confirmed an official date or price at this time. Halo Infinite also doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet.