How to fix User is Banned error in Halo Infinite

What did you do this time?

Image via 343 Industries

Joining a Halo match is essentially a commitment. Regardless of how long a match can take, not a single team will play at a numerical disadvantage. To make sure players don’t turn leaving matches into a habit, there’s a punishment system in Halo Infinite.

If you’re receiving the User is Banned error, then chances are you may have accidentally or purposefully left a previous match. You don’t have to be afraid, however, since the punishment for first-timers isn’t close to being harsh, but repeating offenders will find themselves in need of longer breaks.

When players disconnect from a match, they leave their teammates at a disadvantage which affects the gaming experience in everyone in that particular match. This isn’t a tolerated behavior in Halo Infinite unless you happen to disconnect due to circumstances beyond your control.

Here’s how long timeouts can be depending on the number of offenses that a player has.

  • First offense = Five minutes
  • Second offense = 15 minutes
  • Third offense = 30 minutes
  • Fourth offense = one hour
  • Fifth offense = three hours
  • Sixth offense = 16 hours

The only way to get rid of the User is Banned error will be waiting for the timeout to conclude. While some users will leave matches out of frustration, there will also be others who accidentally disconnect due to network issues. If you time out or disconnect from the game due to network problems one too many times, it may be a decent idea to look into it and troubleshoot your home network.

Though restarting your router will help in most cases, you can also call your internet service provider (ISP) to see if they can detect anything off with your connection. ISPs will have the tools to run a thorough diagnostic of your home network.

If you start disconnecting in back-to-back games, it’ll also be a wise idea to take a step back since continuing to do so may result in more severe penalties, like getting a 16-hours timeout.