How long is the Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown event?

You'll have plenty of time to unlock all of the rewards.

Image via 343

Halo Infinite players can enjoy the new Cyber Showdown limited-time event starting today, complete with new challenges and rewards to keep you busy.

The Cyber Showdown event is now live, according to the official announcement. The event will run for two weeks, ending on Jan. 31, giving fans a short window to unlock all of the event’s rewards. 

The Cyber Showdown event includes 10 new cosmetic items that players can unlock for free. Players can expect a new stance, weapon skin, armor skin, visor, two backdrops, two armor FX, weapon charm, and AI color. The cosmetics include a new mohawk cosmetic for your armor, adding a cyberpunk-themed item to the game.

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Fans can expect event-specific challenges to unlock the new items. Completing each challenge rewards one of the new cosmetic items, meaning players must complete a total of 10 challenges to unlock all of the Cyber Showdown cosmetic items. All players who play the game while the Cyber Showdown event is active will also unlock the New Heights backdrop as a bonus.

Cyber Showdown is the third free event in Halo Infinite. Fans can expect another week of the Fracture: Tenrai event and the Winter Contingency event was a great way to unlock special holiday-themed items. Fans can also expect the Tactical Ops event in the future, adding more exciting skins and items to the title.

Cosmetics are a great way to customize your Halo experience, so make sure to take advantage of the free rewards while they’re available.