Halo Infinite players demand cross-play removal and stronger anti-cheat after rise in cheaters

Players and pros have complained about running into hackers in their lobbies.

Image via 343 Industries

Two weeks ago, 343 Industries surprised its player base by releasing Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer early. It was a nice gift for fans who have been waiting for a new title, but they’re now dealing with an issue that could ruin its great reception: cheaters.

Over the past week, many people have reported hackers populating their lobbies with exploits that give them aimbot, wallhacks, infinite ammo, infinite abilities, increased speed, and even a name spoofer that changes their names so it’s hard to track and report them.

OpTic Gaming pro Lucid recently ran into a cheater during one of his games and, funnily enough, the person he was accusing was streaming. The streamer was denying the claims, but his cheating system was clearly shown on screen for everyone to see. His Twitch account was banned shortly afterward.

This is a big issue that 343 will need to deal with as long as Halo Infinite’s multiplayer remains free-to-play, which makes the game more accessible to many more people than it would have been if it was included with the rest of the game at its premium price point. Players can just make new accounts and continue cheating, which means the issue may never be truly fixed.

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Some players are also calling for cross-play to be removed until the cheating issue is dealt with to a satisfactory point since console players don’t really have to worry about hackers, unlike PC players.

It’s unclear how the developers will adjust to this rise in cheaters, alongside the other complaints that the community has had. The game’s slow progression system and the lackluster customization were already a sore spot for players, but hackers could make matters worse for Halo Infinite.