Halo Infinite players are already experiencing cheaters

Cheaters are already appearing.

Image via Xbox

Halo Infinite players have already encountered cheaters despite the game being out for less than a week. 

Fans everywhere are enjoying the Halo Infinite multiplayer, which was released early to celebrate Xbox’s 20th anniversary. Players can enjoy several game modes in multiplayer before the game is fully released on Dec. 8 and all progress will carry over to the full game. But some players have encountered cheaters, showing how people are already ruining the experience for others. 

As reported by Wicked Good Gaming, a player encountered a cheater following them through walls with almost flawless aim. They watched the game after it finished and quickly determined the player was using external assistance for help. They tracked every player through walls and pre-fired before they appeared. 

Cheaters aren’t a new phenomenon in gaming. Almost every multiplayer mode has its fair share of dubious characters. It isn’t surprising cheaters are already appearing in Halo Infinite, considering its successful launch and the hype surrounding the latest title. It’s unclear how widespread of an issue cheating is in Halo Infinite, but any amount of cheating is a problem. 

343 Industries will have to try to work on dealing with cheaters quickly and efficiently before they ruin the experience for other players. The game doesn’t officially release for a couple of weeks, so there’s still time to resolve these issues before Infinite’s December launch.