Halo Infinite had fewer players than The Master Chief Collection on Steam in the last 24 hours

Are fans not happy with Halo Infinite?

Image via 343 Industries

Despite its more recent release in December, Halo Infinite’s player count on Steam dropped below the concurrent player record listed for Halo: The Master Chief Collection in the last 24 hours, according to SteamDB.

SteamDB showed that Halo Infinite only garnered a peak concurrent player count of 7,842 compared to The Master Chief Collection’s listing of 9,123 during the last 24 hours. This also happened even though the former’s multiplayer component is free-to-play, while the latter is a paid game on Steam.

One major factor that could be the reason for The Master Chief Collection’s significant rise in its player count is the release of its most recent update, which introduced campaign cross-play for Halo 3. But Halo Infinite’s second season, known as Lone Wolves, will begin on May 3, so the current numbers the game posted could possibly change in the coming weeks.

The Lone Wolves update for Halo Infinite will introduce a handful of new content, including a new battle pass, game modes, maps, limited-time events, items, and more. A game released in 2014 beating a title released only four months ago in terms of current player count is quite interesting, but at the same time, it could be proof that Halo fans aren’t exactly happy with the current state of the much younger game.