Does Halo Infinite have aim assist?

It might be hard to tell.

Image via Microsoft/343 Studios

Aim assist is a hot topic for any shooting game that involves crossplay, and with Halo’s introduction to the PC marketplace, there is no exception.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer released yesterday in a beta form that will allow players to carry over battle pass progress once the full game launches on Dec. 8, and players are already speaking their mind about aim assist’s place in the game.

PC players using a mouse and keyboard do not have any aim assist in Halo Infinite. But console gamers using a controller do get some amount of aim assist. There are many different types and degrees of aim assist in shooting games that can affect the competitive balance of a game with crossplay or controller capabilities for PC players.

For those looking to get aim assist by using a controller on their PC, players on reddit have reported that they feel no effects of aim assist when using a controller on their computer.

In the game’s current beta iteration, players have noted that the amount of aim assist seems to be relatively minimal compared to other shooting games, like Apex Legends, where many players feel incentivized to play with a controller instead of mouse and keyboard.

While account progress in Halo Infinite right now will carry over after Dec. 8, the game is still in a beta phase meaning aim assist, as it stands, might not be what it ultimately ends up being once the full game launches.

If you’re on the fence about whether to use a controller or mouse and keyboard, it seems like you might not be getting as much assistance from playing controller as you might like. But that may change as this final beta runs its course.