Can you refund purchases from the Halo Infinite store?

Shop carefully.

Image via Microsoft/343 Studios

Halo Infinite‘s free-to-play multiplayer is banking on its seasonal battle pass and cosmetic storefront to bring in the money that would typically be acquired through a traditional $60 game purchase. That store features numerous cosmetic items like armor sets, emblems, name plats, armor pieces, HCS team gear, and more.

But are all purchases final? Are you subject to buyer’s remorse if you purchase an item or a set from the store?

Can you refund purchases from the Halo Infinite store?

No, you can’t refund any purchases made in the Halo Infinite store. When you go to purchase something, it’s final. There’s no option to refund or undo the purchase.

At the end of the Halo Infinite battle pass/free-to-play FAQ on the Halo Waypoint website, it reads:

“Please purchase items with care, refunds for purchases made with Credits (in-game currency) are not possible.”

Additionally, because the game is not a Valve-developed game, you can’t refund Credits purchases that you make through the Steam store. So if you’re set on buying something from the store, make sure you’re completely sure because once it’s bought, it’s bought for good.