Are there bots in Halo Infinite?

New players can go against bots before jumping into a public match.

Image via 343 Industries

Halo fans can expect a lot of new content in Halo Infinite, the highly anticipated title releasing this holiday season. The game features the iconic Halo gameplay fans love and introduces changes to classic mechanics like equipment and vehicles. Players can also customize their character with thousands of options to make them stand out.

New players will have an easy time jumping into the series with the new Academy mode, which features bots to practice against. 

Halo Infinite’s Academy mode is an introduction to the game for new or returning players. Fans can go through a basic tutorial to learn the controls and mechanics, or they can hop into an experience to practice with a specific gun or weapon. 

The Academy mode also features the option to play against bots for extra practice before jumping into an online match. The difficulty of the bots can be adjusted to give experienced players a challenge or give new players an excellent way to practice.

It’s unclear how many bots can be added to a game, but the multiplayer overview trailer confirms at least three friendly bots can be added to a team and four enemy bots can be added to the enemy team. 

Players jumping into Halo for the first time should use the bots for practice before they go against seasoned vets in public matches. Returning players should also consider brushing up on their skills with bots before jumping back into the action. 

Halo Infinite’s free-to-play mode will be released this holiday season alongside the premium campaign.