GTA 6 leaks suggest sequel will introduce franchise’s first child character

Man-children like Jimmy don't count.

Jimmy getting up off his bed in GTA V.
Image via Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto 6 could feature the youngest character ever seen in the franchise’s history, marking a huge shift from what has been a strict no-child approach by Rockstar Games in the past.

This information comes from Rockstar Universe, which heard it directly from an internal source at Rockstar Games.

This character is believed to be the child of Lucia, the main protagonist who appeared in previous leaks. Lucia is female and of Latina origin, marking another first for the franchise. Unlike previous GTA games where protagonists had adult children, Lucia’s child is much younger and will even appear in cutscenes, but it won’t be playable or involved in any missions.

The introduction of a child character in GTA 6 would be a notable departure from the series’ traditional approach to storytelling. Rockstar Games has historically steered clear of including children in its storyline, most likely due to the mature and at times controversial content.

Other mature Rockstar Games titles do have children in them. For example, John Marston’s son Jack appears in both Red Dead Redemption and its sequel, but only in cutscenes. It’s believed the child in GTA 6 will appear in a similar way, but it’s still a first for the series.

In GTA 5, Michael De Santa had two children, Tracey and Jimmy, who were part of the story. However, they were not children in the traditional sense, as Tracey was 22 and Jimmy was 20 years old.

The beta version of GTA III was rumored to have children walking around the streets with their parents, but they were removed from the final game to avoid any potential controversy.

Since it has never happened before, the potential inclusion of a child character in GTA 6 is massive news. It will be interesting to see how Rockstar Games goes about implementing them without stirring any drama.


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