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Gray Zone Warfare One Shot, One Kill quest guide: How to find the commander at Hunter’s Paradise

Take out the one calling the shots.

There are a handful of elite enemies you can find in Gray Zone Warfare. One of these enemies is hidden away at Hunter’s Paradise, and he’s a commander. Handshake wants you to get out there and eliminate him before he can cause more trouble.

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There are a few ways to identify that you’re about to take out the commander, but tracking him down can be difficult. He has an area he might prefer to remain in, but overall, you have to investigate Hunter’s Paradise in GZW and bring him down. Expect to encounter several other NPCs protecting him, so bring your best weapons.

Where to find the commander at Hunter’s Paradise for One Shot, One Kill in Gray Zone Warfare

Commander location in Gray Zone Warfare
You can find the Commander patrolling the Firing Lane at Hunter’s Paradise. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The target you need to try taking out in Gray Zone Warfare will have better gear than the average NPCs at Hunter’s Paradise. They are wearing sunglasses, earmuffs, a hat, and military body armor on their front. Outside of these indicators, tracking him down takes a lot of work. Your best bet is to search the Firing Lane to try and grab him.

You can expect to encounter multiple NPCs when attempting to find the commander, and other players will likely be nearby. Some might be from your GZW faction, while others will be opposing players, there to hunt down the commander for themselves, or they might be there to grab loot from you and your squad. You might have already thoroughly explored this area while completing The Most Dangerous Game or Carnivore.

Enemy Commander at Hunter's Paradise in Gray Zone Warfare
This is the NPC you need to defeat. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Expect plenty of hostiles when you enter this location, and when you find the commander, your task should update shortly after you eliminate him. We’ve seen him wandering around the Firing Lanes, but he has been known to wander off if he hears a large amount of gunfire. The best way to take him out before he becomes a huge problem is to stick to the northern part of Hunter’s Paradise and try picking him from a distance. This might be a good way to avoid more fights, but enemies will wander over to you if you don’t have a silencer on your weapon.

Once you’ve eliminated the commander, return to Base Camp and report your findings to Handshake. He’ll be happy to have one of the more wanted enemies out of the way, and you can earn some reputation with him after completing this GZW mission.

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